Do you collect leaflets from us?

Yes we can collect from you if your post code is near to your delivery area or your printers can deliver directly to us.

When will we deliver your leaflets?

As soon as we have been paid, we will normally start that same week.

How much does your service cost?

All jobs are quoted individually. The price is worked out depending on the amount to be delivered and the area to be delivered to.

What will my leaflet be distributed with?

Depending on the option you choose; solus means your leaflet will go out on its own. Shared/mixed means your leaflet will be distributed with 1 or 2 other flyers. Your leaflet will never be distributed with a competing company's material, and it will never be with more than 2 other pieces of material.

What is the best method of delivery, solus or mixed?

Mixed can be just as good and get the same results but cheaper. If you think most people will more than likely get more than one leaflet delivered in a day anyway.

What are the typical response rates?

Research by the Direct Marketing Association shows that:https://servedby.ipromote.

  • 62-71% of consumers find door drops useful.
  • 48% have visited a store, bought a product or sent for information as a result of a door drop.
  • 79% keep, pass on, read or glance at door drops


How long will it take for my leaflets to be delivered?

This will vary and will depend very much on your chosen distribution method and the scale of your project. We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and provide you with an estimate of the likely timescales.

What notice period is required for a leaflet distribution?

Ordinarily, we can make the necessary arrangements to commence your distribution with 7 to 10 working days notice. However, if you require a quicker turnaround please give us a call- depending on your requirements, we may be able to organise things more quickly for you.


Job Vacancies

We sometimes need staff both full and part time. You would need to be very fit and hard working to be part of our team. To apply go to our contact page to fill in the contact form and send us as much information as possible; e.g. which hours you can work, if you can drive etc. Please do not phone us, we will contact you as soon as we have a suitable job available.

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